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Uganda Rwanda Congo Budget gorilla Trekking Safari

Uganda Rwanda Congo Budget gorilla Trekking Safari, spending time with the world most endanger species mountain gorilla is described as a life time experience, we also want to let know that mountain gorilla trekking is affordable if you choose one of best gorilla safari company like us for your gorilla safari holiday, there are only 890 mountain gorilla (apes) left in the whole world and they can only be found in three places first one is in Virunga Mountains which is shared between three Countries. Volcanoes National Park on the side of Rwanda, Virunga National Park on the side of Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National park on the side of Uganda but Uganda has another independent where the majority of mountain gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park located in south-west Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a home to more than half of the total number of world mountain gorillas and also bwindi forest has the biggest number of habituated gorilla families making it the best place to go for your gorilla trekking adventures, and also know as safest and cheapest gorilla trekking destination. In case you need to know more about gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR-Congo you can always contact Kisoro Tours Uganda for free advice and any gorilla trekking information you may need.

Uganda budget gorilla trekking safari?

The best way to access budget gorilla trekking tours in Uganda is to fly to Kigali Rwanda and Crosse  the border into Uganda, it is only 3 to 4 hours drive from Kigali airport to get to bwindi impenetrable forest national park located in the south western Uganda bordering with Rwanda and DR-Congo, while if you fly to Entebbe airport you spend 8to 9 hours drive to get to bwindi forest, so if compared the distance between Kigali and Entebbe you will that flying to Kigali saves 4 to 5 hours on the road. This makes Kigali Rwanda the best place to start your gorilla trekking because it is much more accessible and also easy to get cheaper flights

among the three gorilla destination countries Uganda Rwanda Congo Budget gorilla Trekking Safari, Uganda offers the best affordable gorilla trekking holiday if compared with Rwanda, as  we all know gorilla trekking is the most expensive thing on any African safaris holiday, in Uganda gorilla permit costs $600 per person while Rwanda last year doubled its gorilla permit price from $750 to $1500 per person and in DR-Congo gorilla permit cost $400 per person, this makes Rwanda gorilla permit the most expensive in among the three gorilla trekking destinations. Uganda also has another big advantage because it has more gorilla family/group so the chances of getting trekking permit are high in bwindi impenetrable forest which accommodates 60% of the total population of mountain gorillas in the world.

Rwanda Budget Gorilla Trekking Safari?

Because of gorilla permit price it’s not easy to go on budget gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda, but if you have a limited time like 2 days Rwanda would be the best to go because it is only 2 hours drive from Kigali to Volcano National Park meaning that you can go for morning trekking and fly back in the evening

DR-Congo Budget Gorilla Trekking and Mt Nyiragongo Volcano Hike?

Congo is one of the best places to go for budget gorilla tour, Congo gorilla permit costs only $400, you can also combine gorilla trekking and mount nyiragongo volcano hike the most active volcano and biggest lava lake in Africa, both activities nyiragongo hike and gorilla trekking are done in Virunga National Park.

How to get to Virunga National Park in Congo?

The best way to access virunga national park, you have to fly to Rwanda or Uganda and Cross the border via the road. Congo gorilla permit is the cheapest costing $400 per trek while mount nyiragongo hiking permit costs $300 per person

Uganda Rwanda Congo Budget gorilla Trekking Safari

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