African country with fewer restrictions for tourists
African country with fewer restrictions for tourists
Golden monkey tracking and habituation
Golden monkey tracking and habituation
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Mountain gorilla filming in Bwindi forest

Mountain gorilla filming in Bwindi forest

Mountain gorilla filming in Bwindi forest, If planning mountain gorilla filming in Africa Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the best place to go for both commercial and individual gorilla filming, Uganda mountain gorilla filming is mainly done in Bwindi forest and also some times in Mgahinga gorilla national park.

we organize gorilla filming in Uganda for commercial filming crews and for individuals contact us for more information on how to arrange for your gorilla filming permits in Bwindi forest, gorilla filming permit is the first step for Uganda gorilla filming tour in East Africa.

We can organize for all kinds of media TV production crew, professional filmmakers, and any other person who would wish to film mountain gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi forest. We can help you to apply the application forms indicating your intentions to film mountain gorillas in Ugandan on this application you must indicate how many film crew members are going to be in the crew, the number of crew members allowed per gorilla family is usually determined by Uganda Wildlife Authority so we highly recommend that those who are planning to come to Uganda for gorilla filming to book their filming permit in advance in order to secure the number of permits you want for your crew members.

Uganda is also the only place in the world where one can participate in the mountain gorilla habituation process; this activity gives visitors the opportunity to spend up to 4 hours with the gorilla family that is under habituation process. So for those who cannot afford to pay for a mountain gorilla filming permit, we can recommend habituation it will also give you the opportunity to record a short video and take photography that is not commercial. Contact us we will advise you accordingly

Cost of mountain gorilla Filming in Bwindi Forest

Uganda mountain gorilla filming permits cost only $4200 per person for one hour with gorillas, for those interested in normal gorilla tracking permit price it costs only $700 per person for one hour with gorillas in natural habitat in Bwindi forest or in Mgahinga while gorilla habituation experience permits cost $1500 per person which gives you the opportunity to spend four hours with a gorilla family which is still under habituation process.

Clearing of filming equipment

We will also help you to clear your filming equipment in Uganda at Entebbe international airport, all TV production companies and international film crews will need to have someone on the ground to clear their filming equipment on the arrival. There are costs involved in clearing your filming equipment in Uganda so contact us for the best price.

How to obtain media cards for the filming crews  

In order for any, all international film crew to be allowed to go for gorilla filming one must first obtain a media card which is issued by Uganda Media Center in Kampala, we will also help you obtaining media cards for your film crew members in Uganda.

A media card is a must for any international film crew, TV production, documentary companies, and other individual film crew to allow to film in Uganda. For more information contact us for more details.  

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