How to get East African Tourist Visa upon arrival in Uganda 2022 – 2023

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Chimpanzee Trekking Tours in Uganda
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How to get East African Tourist Visa upon arrival in Uganda 2022 – 2023

get East African Tourist Visa on arrival in Uganda

How to get East African Tourist Visa on arrival in Uganda 2022 – 2023

When applying for a Ugandan visa, this has never been easy however, it has been simplified where many of our clients have asked us if it is possible to get a Uganda visa or East African tourist visa upon arrival at Entebbe International airport in Uganda. On other border entry points to Uganda, the response is yes, one can nowadays acquire a normal Ugandan visa or East African Tourist Visa upon his/ her arrival at the airport and on all border, entry points to Uganda.

Fly to more than one East African Country using one visa, with the use of an East African Tourist visa you can visit more than one Country as long as that Country belongs to the East African Community for three months (90 days) using East African Tourist visa, you can get this tourist von on the borders to Uganda and at Entebbe airport.

Up-to-date Price/ Rates for East African Tourist Visa in Uganda 2022/23

Yes, you can get an East African Tourist Visa upon arrival for those traveling within East Africa that is, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Burundi, and Tanzania. It is now probable to get several entry visas for the region at only $100 per person for three months (90 days) but please remember to check if your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into East Africa Uganda or any other country in the region. The Visas can still be obtained directly upon arrival and paid for in cash.

Is it possible to apply for you a Tourist Visa online?

Yes, you can apply for your East African Tourist visa using an online visa application, any traveler visiting Uganda or any other East African country have to apply for their visa online via the portal, that is, in Uganda, you use this website Immigration after you have received a confirmation email, then you can print it and present a copy of their E-visa upon at the immigration officer on duty when your arrival at the airport or border entry point. You apply and pay for the visa online but sometimes the online system is slow or does not respond, there is no need to worry, you can still get your visa upon arrival in Uganda.

Additional Information About Applying for the East African Tourist Visa

  • This only applies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.
  • The East Africa tourist visa isn’t a work permit and is only offered to foreign non-resident travelers.
  • The East Africa Tourist Visa costs $100 and payment is made electronically or at the immigration desk on erratic occasions.
  • Travelers must apply for the East Africa tourist visa personally without brokers allowed in the application process.
  • The online systems for the different countries will require that you fill in an application form and also upload a passport photo.
  • It is only valid for 90 days in the three (3) countries. Once you travel out of the three countries, it becomes invalid and you will have to apply for a new one.
  • The East Africa tourist visa processing can take between one day to one week for online application. On completion of the application, an e-visa is sent to the Applicant and should be presented at each immigration desk.

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