Protecting mountain gorilla during COVID-19
Protecting mountain gorilla during COVID-19
Uganda volcano hiking and gorilla trekking
Uganda volcano hiking and gorilla trekking
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Guide for gorilla trekking in Africa

Guide for gorilla trekking in Africa

Guide for gorilla trekking in Africa, mountain gorillas safari is the highlight  of every African trip, the endangered species can only trek in only three countries throughout the world so whoever is planning gorilla tracking safari has to go to either Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park both parks are found in Uganda, and Virunga national park in DR-Congo.

Over the year mountain gorilla population has been increasing, the current global wild mountain gorilla’s population is at 1,064, however, more than half of those wild mountain gorillas are found Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda which makes it the best place to go for your gorilla trekking trip.

How are wild mountain gorillas related to Man?

Mountain gorillas are the closest relatives’ humans and it’s the biggest primate in the world, mountain gorillas share 94% DNA with humans while chimpanzees share 96% DNA with humans which means both primates have closest characteristics that are similar to those of human beings.

mountain gorillas also live families/groups like people/humans, gorilla families or groups are usually led by dominant adult males (silverbacks) which is also similar to humans. Only 8 people are allowed to visit/trek each habituated gorilla families per day.

Where to see mountain gorillas in Africa?

As we have seen at the start of this article, wild mountain gorillas can only be seen in both Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park and in both parks are located in southwestern Uganda, Volcanoes national park of Rwanda and in Virunga national park in the North Kivu province of DR-Congo. All those interested in mountain gorilla trekking in Africa you only four choices, contact us we will organize your gorilla safari in any of the above gorilla trekking destinations.

How to get there- Guide for gorilla trekking in Africa

To access any of those four gorilla trekking destinations, you will have to fly to the respective country, but before you get there the first thing you have to do is to book gorilla trekking permits through a local tour operator like us or book it directly from authorized authorities in the country you wish to trek from, if you book your gorilla permit through a local tour operator, they will be at your disposal to advise you accordingly and on your arrival at the airport they will have guide/driver waiting to transfer to the gorilla destination depending on the which country your trekking in.

How many habituated gorilla families are in Africa?

Gorilla trekking is limited to only 8 people to each habituated gorilla family so the more habituated groups a country have the more people are allowed to trek daily and each country has its own habituated gorilla families open for tourism, for example currently Uganda has 20 habituated gorilla families/groups open trekking daily in both Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park, Rwanda has 10 habituated families open for tourism in the Volcanoes national park while DR-Congo has 8 habituated families in the Virunga national park.

How to book gorilla trekking permits in Africa

At the end of this article of guide for gorilla trekking in Africa, we want to make sure that you have all the necessary information you need to know before booking your gorilla safari to Africa. gorilla permits can be easily booked through local tour operators like us however you can as well book it yourself directly, for example, if you chose to book your gorilla permit directly in Uganda you will have to go to or contact Uganda Wildlife Authority head office in Kampala.

 Also booking Rwanda gorilla permits is the same as Uganda, you chose to book through a local tour operator or directly from Rwanda Development Board head offices in Kigali while in DR-Congo also gorilla permits can book directly from Virunga national park head offices in Goma town or through a local tour operator. NOTE those who are interested in booking gorilla permits you are advised to book in the advance to avoid disappointment, in all above gorilla trekking destinations gorilla permits are booked and sold on first come first serve bases and also I would recommend that you book your permits through a local tour operator its easier and convenient, booking directly is cheaper but it has its own complication like taking long to respond to your emails and calls   

Prices gorilla permits for Uganda, Rwanda and Congo?  

 Currently, Uganda gorilla permit costs $700 per person, while in Rwanda gorilla permit was increased from $750 to $1500 per person per day and Congo gorilla permit price is at $500 per person but at the moment, we are not offering gorilla safari in Congo because it’s not safe, the only safe gorilla trekking destinations in Uganda and Rwanda. For more information, you can contact us

The best time to go for gorilla tracking safari in Africa

usually, the best time to go for gorilla trekking is during the dry season in the month of June, July, August, September, October, December and also in January but what I can assure you is that gorilla trekking can be done any day throughout of the year from 1st January to 31st December and also take NOTE that gorilla trekking experience in all three countries is the same.

When and how to book gorilla trekking safari in Africa

Anyone interested in gorilla trekking safari, you can book a private tour or in the group’s tours through us or any other trusted local tour operator

Book with us we are the specialists in gorilla safaris and other wild life safaris, we ensure that all our clients gets value their money on their gorilla tracking and wildlife safaris East Africa.

We have a team of motivated professional staff who are ready to work on all your inquiries and also provide you with all information you need time we are also highly recommended on the Trip Advisor and on Safari bookings, check and see what our previous clients say about our services.

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