Gorilla safari in Uganda-bwindi forest starting from Rwanda
Gorilla safari in Uganda-bwindi forest starting from Rwanda
Rwanda low season discounted gorilla trekking permit
Rwanda low season discounted gorilla trekking permit
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Gorilla tracking packing list in Uganda Rwanda Congo

Gorilla tracking packing list in Uganda Rwanda Congo

Gorilla tracking packing list in Uganda Rwanda Congo, mountain gorilla trekking is the highlight of every safari to East Africa, gorilla trekking experience is not cheap and it is normally physically demanding as one must have a packing list to enable you enjoy your gorilla trekking safari, mountain gorillas are the most endangered spices in the world, the 2018 gorilla census established that this increase in number of mountain gorilla population bring the current total of gorilla population in the wild to 1,004  from 880 for the three Countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Also it should be noted that the remaining mountain gorillas in the natural habitat (in the wild) can only tracked in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahing Gorilla National Park both parks are found in Uganda, Viringa National Park of DR-Congo and Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda.

no matter which Country you choose mountain gorilla trekking experience is the same and gorilla tracking packing list in Uganda Rwanda Congo is also the same, only the gorilla trekking permit price is different because each Country has its own gorilla permit price, for example in Uganda gorilla permit cost only $600 per person,  gorilla permit in Rwanda is most expensive one costing $1500 per person and in Congo gorilla permit price is at $400 per person making the cheapest gorilla trekking permit. packing list for Uganda gorilla trekking safari

Below is our recommended Gorilla tracking packing list in Uganda Rwanda Congo?

  1. Sunglasses

This will help you to protect your eyes from the direct sun

  1. sunscreen

As you traveling to East Africa you must remember to as you it can be expensive to buy it here and sometimes you may not get a good quality so it always advisable to include it in your packing list.

  1. Simple Garden Gloves

As you walk through impenetrable forest you end up griping some vegetation that is not good for your hands, so garden gloves will be helpful in perfecting your hands.

  1. Camera with Extra Batteries

Gorilla trekking is a life time experience, this means that you have to capture every moment on your camera for the memories and also evidence to show off that you have successfully trekked mountain gorillas in Africa.

  1. A walking Sick

A walking stick is also recommend but you may have pack it because the park ranger/guide who will lead to on the gorillas she or he will offer you a free walking stick, this stick helps when hiking up hills and down in forest.

  1. Gorilla Trekking Permit

For anyone to allowed to track mountain gorilla one must present his/her trekking permit so you booked online from your home country please remember to bring it with you. But normally it is recommended to use local tour operator when booking gorilla permit to make life easier for you.

  1. Hiking/Walking boots

This is one of the most important things on your gorilla safari packing list because as you hike through forest looking for gorillas, the altitude is high and the terrain is also hilly so good hiking boots with good grip is recommended

  1. Rain Jacket/waterproof jacket

Gorilla trek is done in impenetrable rain forest meaning it can rain at anytime so a good water proof can be helpful

  1. Water Proof Trousers.

This is good thing to have when going for gorilla tracking because  even if it doesn’t rain, normally the forest is always wet so putting on waterproof trousers will help you kneel when photographing gorillas on the wet areas.

  1. Long-sleeved shirt

You need to wear long sleeved t-shirt during gorilla tracking to protect yourself from tree branches and other thing like insects.

Other things to add on gorilla tracking packing list in Uganda Rwanda Congo includes the following?

  • Long socks to tuck into your trouser
  • Light warm wool sweater to use in the evenings and mornings because it can be cool (cold)sometimes
  • Remember to bring your phone charger and camera chargers because you may not easily get them here
  • Remember to pack your hygiene product to avoid disappointments when you cannot get them here
  • Remember to pack your passport and your boarding passes because forgets them and end up missing their flight
  • Bring copies of your passport just in case something happens and you lose your passport
  • It is also recommended to bring your own first aid kit with few medicines that you can’t get easily in Africa just in case.



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