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Culture & people of Kisoro
Get to Bwindi Forest
How to get to Bwindi Forest from Entebbe by flight?
Culture & people of Kisoro
Culture & people of Kisoro
Get to Bwindi Forest
How to get to Bwindi Forest from Entebbe by flight?
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Chimpanzee Tracking in Africa (2022)

Chimpanzee Tracking in Africa (2022)

Chimpanzee Tracking in Africa (2022)

Chimpanzee Tracking in Africa (2022) – The best places to see primates in Africa such as chimpanzees in their wilderness homes will need to visit the natural forests where they live. Uganda is the primate capital of Africa to trek different types of primates in their natural habitat, among the primates to see in Uganda includes chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and mountain gorillas.

Besides mountain gorillas with a total population of 65% in Africa Uganda in the world found in both Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and in Mgahinga gorilla national park, Uganda has the highest number of habituated chimpanzees open for tourism in the world found in different parks which includes Kibale forest national park, Budongo forest, and Kyambura gorge, whereas it also remains the same country with the highest number of golden monkey in Africa found in Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Chimpanzee Tracking and Habitation Experiences in Africa

Uganda is the only country in the world where foreigners can get a chance to go for both chimpanzee tracking and habituation or else mountain gorilla tracking and habituation experience. with tracking visitors are allowed to spend one full hour with either chimpanzees or mountain gorillas while with habituation visitors are allowed to spend up to 4 hours once they have found the unhabituated chimps or gorillas.

Where to see chimps in Uganda Africa

There are a few different places in Uganda where one can trek chimpanzees which include the following;

  • Budongo Forest in Murchison falls national park
  • Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park
  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Lake Victoria
  • Kibale forest national park hence “the primate capital of Africa”
  • Kalinzu forest reserve in Maramagambo forest also part of Queen Elizabeth national park

Two different places where to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda Africa

  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park a home to the highest mountain gorillas in the world.
  • Mgahinga gorilla national park is home to the highest number of golden monkeys in Africa other than Mountain gorillas.

For more information about chimpanzee tracking in Africa and another primate safari in Uganda contact us as we will provide you with all the necessary details you need to know about Uganda, you can as well check out some of our tailor-made safari packages

The most prevalent place for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda is in Kibale Forest National Park which has the highest concentration of chimps in the whole world and the experiences are delightful.

Chimpanzees can be seen in Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Kyambura as well as in Murchison Falls National Park forests of Budongo.

Another place where you can see chimpanzees in their natural habitat is the Ngamaba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Lake Victoria. These chimpanzees in Ngamba Island are frequently rescued orphans and victims of prohibited wildlife activity. Therefore not a natural habitat for chimps in an outmoded way – even though they do get a natural rain forest to stay.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Africa (2022) & Protection

Chimpanzees are classified as threatened animal species with one of the biggest threats to the existence of Chimpanzees is habitat loss. This occurs when further land where they stay is rehabilitated for human commercial use.

Through tourism, the money collected is used to fund research and other conservation activities. The utmost prolific of those activities that are congenital to tourism is community participation.

A percentage of the money is straight away invested back into the local and neighboring communities when it’s collected from the auction of chimpanzee tracking permits. This has formed strong associates with the local people in both the hard work of conservation as well as tourism.

Requirements for chimp tracking

Requirements for seeing chimpanzees, each person must have a chimpanzee tracking permit which is bought from the Uganda Wildlife Authority – and is valid for a precise date and time of the day. Chimpanzee tracking permits are limited in number just like Gorilla permits and are constantly sold on a first come first serve base.

Below is what is required for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda.

  • You must be older than 12 years.
  • You must have 1 Chimpanzee tracking permit per person
  • You must not have any communicable diseases such as flu or cough.
  • You should be in a fairly fit physical condition. Because tracking involves walking through the thick rain forests.

What to pack and recommended during your Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda Africa;

  • Bottled water, because walking will dehydrate you.
  • Sunscreen and wide hat – to make sure the hot sun is well blocked.
  • A light jacket, in case it rains abruptly as it often does in the rainforests
  • Camera, in case you want to get some original pictures to remember your trip by.
  • Binoculars, because forests are filled with birds of all kinds, colors, and sounds
  • Comfortable shoes, your walking/ hiking shoes should be comfortable. The best option is when they are already well-worn in.

If someone is already preparing for the trip, there are various necessities and approvals which are always further elaborated. For instance, permits, guarantee our guests their experience even weeks before they can set off for the safari.

In summary

Chimpanzees are very interesting primates, and witnessing them in the natural environment is a great way to connect with the natural world and get a new perception. As Kisoro tours Uganda, we do handle numerous clients who choose to do chimpanzee tracking and not ever do get to regret it.

For the utmost part, a safari that includes chimps also has safari game drives in the savannah parks and perhaps even gorilla tracking in Southwestern Uganda.

Finally, if you have questions or concerns, just send us a quick email or contact us and we will be content to support you.

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