information about gorilla trekking permits
information about gorilla trekking permits
2021-2022 gorilla permits price for Uganda and Rwanda
2021-2022 gorilla permits price for Uganda and Rwanda
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Activities in mount Elgon national park-hiking safari

Activities in mount Elgon national park-hiking safari

Activities in mount Elgon national park-hiking safari: for those who love hiking, Mt Elgon is located in eastern Uganda on the border of Kenya , Mount Elgon national park is one of the East Africa’s largest volcanic mountains with one of the biggest crater in the world and 6 peaks making it one of the best to hiking lovers.

Why Mount Elgon National park is one of the best mountain hiking destination in Africa?

Mount Elgon national park is one the best and favorite for the hikers in Africa, hiking Mt Elgon in Uganda it’s not crowded like other popular mountain hiking like Mt Kilimanjaro crowded in Kenya. Hiking mt Elgon in Uganda I must say it is just perfect because there are less people on the Elgon hiking trail, hiking Mt Elgon is more fun and also you will have chance of seeing different animals including primates as you enjoy the hike, along the way you see different waterfalls with also hot springs.

Mount Elgon peaks-Uganda and Kenya?

1. Wagagai peak (4,321 meters) on Uganda side
2. Sudek peak (4,302 meters) on border of both Uganda and Kenya
3. Mubiyi peak (4,211 meters) on Uganda side
4. Masaba peak (4,161 meters) on Uganda side

5. Koitobos peak (4,222 meters) on Kenya side

How to get to Mt Elgon National Park in Uganda

It is easy to get to Mount Elgon, you can access it from both Uganda or Kenya, all Mount Elgon peaks can be reached from both countries Uganda side or Kenya. but it is recommended to start Mount Elgon hiking from Uganda side, it is the long rout but you get different experience with other exciting primates to see along the way on the different trails.

contact us we will organize for you affordable Mt Elgon hiking safari, for the budget travelers you can as well use bus which will drop in Mbale town and from there you can hire a special hire a taxi to take you from Mbale to Budadiri tourism center-starting point if you choose star hiking Mt Elgon via Uganda.

How to get Mount Elgon via Kenya side?

if you choose hike Mt Elgon via Kenya we recommend that you arrange your hiking safari through a trusted tour company like us because hiking Elgon through Kenya it is not easy to use public transport to get to Mount  Elgon National Park because there is no public transport that go’s to that part of Kenya, we are always at your disposal for other details you may need just contact us we will advise you accordingly.

Activities in mount Elgon national park-hiking safari?

Pisawa trail, it is one of the most used trail if you hiking Elgon via Uganda, this trail starts from Kapwata starting point, again this is longer but it is not very steep which means its more easier rout, it takes you through Sasa River trails and the round hiking trip is 49 kms which will take you about 6 to 7 days hike.

Sipi falls trail, this one starts from Sipi falls, sipi trail links with the Sasa River trail, Sipt falls trail hike is 56 kms which can takes about 5 to 6 days of hiking.

Sasa trail, it’s the best and easiest trail which takes about 4 to 5 days to hike to the top depending on your speed, when you use Sasa trail you will have opportunity of sporting different types of monkeys and other wildlife, also including hot spring and waterfalls.

Suam trail is less used but also one of the most interesting trails when hiking Mt Elgon

Mount Elgon hiking permit price

Mount Elgon hiking permit cost only $75 per day, per person and this price also includes park range/guide fees and park entrance fees. For any to be allowed to access Mt Elgon national park you must first obtain hiking permit for the number of days you wish to spend in the park which is purchased and paid through a tour operator like us or directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority head office in Kampala. or at Mt Elgon national park Budadiri office.

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